Radar Detectors

Radar Detectors


Are Radar Detectors and Laser Jammers Legal in Virginia?

A popular and valid question, no radar detectors and laser jammers are not legal to use in Virginia, then again speeding is not legal in Virginia either. The fine for using a radar detector (in a non commercial vehicle) in Virginia is currently $55 plus court costs. Much like a parking ticket or defective equipment ticket, it is not a moving violation therefore no points against your license. This fine is the least of your worries, if you got a ticket for using a radar detector instead of a six point reckless driving violation, that's a great day. Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics does not promote or condone reckless driving, a radar detector is not a license to speed or drive recklessly and are illegal to use in the state of Virginia.


Radar Detection

Police radar guns use a microwave signal to detect speed. Police can leave them on measuring every car that drives by, they can use them per vehicle, shooting only when the vehicle is in sight and they can shoot you from behind after you're already passed. Your only chance at beating radar is catch the signal before it hits you, hopefully while a car prior to you is being measured.

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Laser Detection and Jamming

Laser (or LIDAR) is much more precise than radar and the most popular speed detection method among Virginia state troopers. A police laser gun is aimed at the forward most, vertical surface of your vehicle, like the license plate, and the reading is instant. A laser detector by itself is almost worthless, it simply tells you you're already caught. This is where the laser jammer enters the picture, with two or three mounted on the front (depending on vehicle size) and at least one on the rear, emitting their own laser, they literally blind police laser so a speed measurement can't be obtained.

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System Options

Portable detectors do not offer laser jamming so they're only mildly useful for radar only so an installed system with laser diffusers is inarguable the best choice. Installed radar detectors are available from Bel, Escort and Valentine but K40 is the only manufacturer the offers a rear radar sensor. They hold a patent for this. The RL360i is the obvious choice for super cars or daily drivers. Although completely customizable ala-cart, the typcal s system consists of separate front and rear radar sensors plus two or three front laser sensors/emitters (depending on vehicle size) and one rear laser sensor/emitter. The completely hidden system has two blue LED's to indicate front or rear detection. The wireless RF remote controls everything and remote speaker verbally tells you what band and direction.

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Photo Radar Jamming

You've seen the flashes from automated photo radar, and now you can defend yourself for the first time with the noPhoto. It detects the flash from red light & speed camera's in all weather conditions, and its software filtering ensures it does not detect false alerts. The noPhoto reacts instantly, adding additional list so the license plate appears white to the traffic cameras.Any noPhoto purchased from an authorized dealer is covered by the Ticket Free Guarantee. If you receive a citation from a traffic camera with the noPhoto on your car, simply provide us with a copy of the citation with an installed noPhoto clearly visible and we will reimburse the cost of the ticket.  noPhoto is not intended for sale in those jurisdictions in which the use of the noPhoto is illegal. Please check your respective state and local laws accordingly.

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Radar Detector Reviews

Most radar detector review sites online are simplly retailers directing you to the products the sell. This should be clearly visible if thier positively reviewed systems are available for sale on the site and the negatively reviewed systems are not. Most we have visited compare new models they sell, to ten year old models they don't. Whatever you decide, our best advice is to always have the system installed at the same place it's purchased. This way if there's a problem, whether installation or product related, there's only one responsible party