Power Locks

Power Locks

Power Locks

Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics can add power locks to ANY vehicle. Just because your car did not come with power locks doesn't mean we can't add them. As a matter of fact, ours are often better than factory because they come with a lifetime warranty and are usually less than the factory option. Control from traditional lighted switches for each door or even better, from a remote starter, security system or keyless entry remote control.

Power Windows

Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics can add power windows to any vehicle. We have numerous options for custom, lighted switch installations that have a factory look. We proudly use OEM and military supplier Spal-USA

Door Poppers

Nothing looks cleaner than a vehicle with shaved door handles. Quite a few new cars are coming with hidden buttons for factory door poppers just so they can maintain the sleek look of no door handle. Whether your handles are shaved or not, we can add a solenoid motor inside your door that will pop it open by an RF remote control, your existing alarm, remote start or keyless entry system.

Trunk and Hatch Release

Of course if your vehicle has a push button, electric trunk or hatch release, we can add it to a remote control. But if it's a non-power, cable pull style release or has no internal release at all, we can add a motor to pop it remotely.

Power Running Boards

Power running boards are a classy, convenient upgrade to any truck or SUV. Open the door and the hidden running boards quickly motor out to help you step down. They are particularly convenient in vehicles with raised suspension systems.