Power Inverters / Chargers

Power Inverters / Chargers

Power inverters / Chargers

Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics can install a power inverter in any vehicle. There are all kinds of uses for 110volt AC power in a car:

Mobile Office

It doesn't even take a large power inverter to charge a laptop, a little larger inverter can run a printer but we're talking about one slightly larger than plugs into a typical 12volt outlet. We can install inverters under seats or out of sight and locate outlets wherever you need them.

Mobile Service

We have power inverters that can run almost anything, before you deal with the hassles of a generator for your onsite service needs, consider an industrial power inverter for hammer drills, chops saws, table saws, lighting or any other on-sight service needs.

Commercial and Specialty Vehicles

If it's a limo, tour bus, commercial bus, RV, boat, yacht, tractor trailer, food truck or mobile command unit, we've got an inverter solution for you.